CD Album - If Only You Could See

CD Album - If Only You Could See

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CD Album - If Only You Could See.

9 Songs And 2 Hidden Songs.

An Emotionally Driven Story From Beginning To End.

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Album Review;

Tod Almond's work is bold and creative - drawing inspiration from the influences of Punk and Classic Rock to produce a sound that compliments both but belongs to neither! Tod's original songs, showcase his skilful songwriting sensibilities through gritty, immersive progressions with bright lyricism and brilliant vocal deliveries - culminating in an auditory experience that feels both familiarly endearing and completely unique.
Tod Almond bears the undeniable sound of quality, promising to resonate with listeners from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Specifically, the energised but relaxed feel of Tod's sound creates a sense of nostalgic appreciation for something previously unheard - using the sonic vocabularies of multiple genres and previous eras so skilfully as to intrigue and entrance fans of the original artists while offering something fully original in the present.  Fans of the sounds of Classic Rock and authentic musicianship will fall quickly in love with this style.